Micromax X352 launched with 3000 mAh battery

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Micromax X352

Micromax has launched a wave of smartphones in the recent past and it has become the second highest mobile seller in India. But many people don’t know that most of the sales for the company comes from low end features phones as many people are still looking for these phones. The Micromax X352 has been launched with very clever features that many people are looking for in a phone. Thus we have decided to dedicate a complete article on Micromax X352. people are searching for ” Micromax X352′, “Micromax X352 price”, “Micromax X352 review” etc, but hardly get any satisfactory results. But we will now provide every detail about Micromax X352 that one would want to know before purchasing a phone. Our owner Mr Rachit Gupta believes that no review can be ever given without price. Thus we first give the price. Read micromax bolt a 69, the low price android smartphone.

Micromax X352 price

Micromax X352 price is Rs 2,300/-. The price stated here may vary according to your place and some other factors. Read lava iris 504q+ review.

Micromax X352 specs

Micromax X352 has got all the features that you would be looking for your pocket. It has a good display with a screen size of 2.8 Inches. It has Bluetooth which allows you to share files easily from one device to another. Micromax X352 also has a back and a front camera. This feature is unique as most feature phones don’t have this right now. But the biggest factor is that Micromax X352 has a battery of 3000 mAh that even most of the trending smartphones are not having. It can also be used to charge another phone with help of an OTA cable. This means that all the smartphone users can also have this phone as a backup power option. They can charge there smartphones if the battery runs out. If you are not a smartphone user, then you can expect the battery to run for a week or so of nominal usage. The battery backup may be even more if you use the battery properly.

This ends our article on Micromax X352. User reviews are welcome.



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